Spargomills Spices

We delight in partnering with you, providing solutions with value-added services. We are dedicated to customizing and catering to a variety of food recipes to satisfy our business partners.

Our spice bases are created using all-natural, premium grade herbs and spices without any added MSG, artificial preservatives and colouring.

Each pack of our curry spice bases is specially formulated with dehydrated pure, natural herbs and spices without any added fillers.


This results in the high efficacy of our products which achieves maximum cooking yield with lower cost. At the same time, the usage of raw ingredients is minimized for better food cost management and stable margin control.

Our curry products can be customized to cater to each of our synergistic partner’s taste profile and palate preference.


The original spice bases are very flexible as they can be used to create an almost endless variety of delicious recipes, simply by adding on minimum fresh ingredients. What’s more, the long shelf life and easy, light storage of our products minimize wastage. Our lightweight, high efficacy products are convenient and viable for cost-effective shipping and travel, anywhere!