Idaman Suri

Idaman Suri premixed spices – One Flavour, Unlimited Creativity!

Enjoying traditional, tasty, authentic cuisine is simply one of the great pleasures in life. However, preparing and processing the raw ingredients for cooking is a time-consuming, complicated affair, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle!

Idaman Suri, through its advanced, modern processing technology, has successfully developed a range of high-quality, traditional premixed spices. Now you and your family can savour unlimited culinary surprises and delights, easily and quickly!

Idaman Suri’s premixed spices are 100% natural herbs and spices with HALAL certification. There is no added MSG, no preservatives and no artificial colouring. The premixed spices could be matched with a variety of your own favourite herbs and spices as well, to achieve your ideal taste. It can also be used to marinate all kinds of meat and seafood for grilling or baking.