SPI was incorporated in 2002. We manufacture premium spice bases and coconut-based food products using only superior grade, all-natural ingredients. We work closely in synergy with our associates to obtain our specific premium grade, all-natural dehydrated ingredients.

A specially curated formula for our spice bases and coconut-based products using only superior grade, all-natural ingredients is what sets our products apart from others. The lovely, aromatic, authentic taste and delicious flavour for each of our recipes are created using detailed specifications of premium grade dehydrated herbs and spices.


Each recipe has been accurately formulated together with specific blending techniques. As a result of this rigorous process, our products offer exceptional consistency in taste, every time. Our food products contain only natural ingredients without any added MSG, artificial preservatives, colouring or fillers.


All our concentrated products have the assurance of high efficacy for optimum usage. This makes our spice bases the ideal solution for consistency in large-volume, commercial food production.


Our team of dedicated food technologists and chefs are constantly researching, innovating and producing palatable products and delectable recipes to tantalize the taste buds of our market, and to meet the current evolving trend and lifestyle.


We provide value-added services in, customisation of spice bases, OEM, creation of a variety of recipes using basic spice bases for usage optimisation. Notwithstanding, for the convenience of great hospitality for your circle of friends and family.


We believe in synergic partnerships therefore we provide personalized service to each and every relationship we build.


All our products are certified halal and manufactured in factories using processes that are fully certified to ensure the strictest quality. We are therefore certified by JAKIM, HACCP and MeSTI.