Globally, we work in synergy with our circle of associates which includes but not limited to:

Local and International Associates

Our brands and products

All our concentrated products have the assurance of high efficacy for optimum usage. This makes our food products the ideal solution for consistency in large-volume, commercial food production.


Our team of dedicated food technologist and chefs are constantly researching, innovating and producing palatable products and delectable recipes to tantalize the taste buds of our market, and to meet the current evolving trend and lifestyle.


SPI manufactured products are sparse across multiple brands, and mostly now it can be ordered online.

Spargo Mills

Spice base

Spargo Mills

Coconut base

Idaman suri
Authentic beef rendang
Fish asam pedas
Satay Sauce
Sambal Prawns
Fragrance Nasi Lemak
Satay Marinate
Sweet and sour chicken
curry chicken