Spargomills Coconut Series

Dehydrated Coconut Milk (DCM)

Our Dehydrated Coconut Milk (DCM) is made using only raw products from premium grade coconut sources. The DCM is curated using only the latest innovation to extract its natural and delicious flavours. An advanced formulation process is used in the DCM to ensure its uncompromising quality.


The DCM has been innovated to create superb consistency and stability, resulting in natural delicious creaminess. It also tested through stringent, hygienic processing to ensure its utmost quality and safety. The advantages of the DCM is that it can be conveniently stored at room temperature at any time or anywhere. It has a long and stable shelf life for easy usage and offers minimal wastage.


It is also lightweight, making it easy to carry along during travels. Packed in small size to ensure its freshness and no wastage, and this makes the DCM a truly cost-saving product.


The DCM is ideal for both Asian and Western cuisines. It is convenient and can be used in savoury cooking, rice, beverages and desserts.